Friday, August 1, 2008

Brett's First Boat Ride

Mom Stetler, who was such a huge help to us over the last week, headed for home late Thursday afternoon. So, in the evening, we thought it sounded so very therapeutic to go to the lake and take Brett out on the boat. We loaded up the travel system, and diaper bag and headed for the relaxing, peaceful water. It was just what the doctor ordered for two sleep-deprived new parents. The evening was simply gorgeous. A nice warm breeze blew, and we watched a beautiful, breath-taking sunset go over the horizon as we held God's creation of new life in our arms. Funny how everything has taken on a new more meaningful perspective in light of our new little fellow's arrival.
This morning we celebrated the much anticipated passing away of the remnants of the umbilical cord! (It's the small things, people). Well, it's almost bath time....gotta go. Thanks to all of you who have left comments and well-wishes. It is a huge highlight to hear from our friends and relatives, even when we can't always respond.


Missy said...

Great to hear that Brett is doing good. Looks like he is really growing. He is so precious!!!

We wondered how long it was going to be until Brett got his first boat ride! I am sure it was the right medicine for all of you. I know what that sleep deprieved feeling feels like. It will eventually get easier. lol! Glad that you had fun.

Can't wait to see Brett and you guys again. Sorry this has turned into an email instead of a comment. lol! I just had a lot to say because of having to catch up. We went to the beach this weekend that is why there have been no comments from me this weekend. 8-) lv...

Darlene said...

It looks like a wonderfully relaxing time! I'm anxious to know what "relaxing" is again. haha! We will have to get together with your "Goliath" and our "David" sometime! :-)

Anonymous said...

He gets cuter every day.
Thanks for the card. I was only a small part of all. Could not have done it alone. We have a great staff and volenteres. See you in the am
"What baby What hearing"