Thursday, July 24, 2008

Humor in the Midst

Merrilee sarcastically reports that she's thrilled she can't feel her feet, while still being able to feel sharp contractions! :0( Having only your feet numb at this stage is about as useful as a fish owning a bicycle!


Missy said...

lol! That is too bad that the epidural isn't doing its job. -) I loved the comment about the bike and the fish. lol! Good comparison! 8-)

Gary said...

We are thinking of you at this time and sharing the play by play with Darrell and Lizzy. It is so special that Darrell and Regina were able to get there so soon. ONce the little guy takes off he will probably speed on out but sometime the lift off just takes awhile. We will stay tuned.

Gary and Ruth

Dave said...

Ha, Ha! Poor thing! :( I'm so happy for you guys though!! So exciting! I'm waiting anxiously by the computer!!