Thursday, July 24, 2008


Everything is status quo right now....Merrilee is holding up great, even though the contractions are a bit intense at times. Her nurse said that she was proud of Merrilee and how she was doing.

The doctor is waiting until she gets to 4 before giving her the epidural, so we are hoping that comes soon. He said they have found that giving the epidural before getting to a solid 4 actually slows things down. So, we wait.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers.

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Missy said... sorry to hear that she is hurting. I will be praying that she will reach 4 cm's quick so she can get her "drugs!" =) Thank you so much for the updates. Please keep posting. I think I am checking about every 10 minutes. lol! Please tell Merrilee that I am really praying for her and that I know she can do this. lv...