Saturday, July 26, 2008

Phone Call from Grandpa & Grandma Luther

Talk about sweet.

When Mom and Dad Luther called, we put the phone on speaker, and both Mom and Dad talked to him over the phone. At first he had his eyes shut, and had been fussing. But as they talked to him, he stopped fussing, opened his eyes and just listened for several was darling.


Lorinda said...

I purchased a pacifier for Brant's future son years ago and saved it in a gift was very patriotic looking and the words inscribed were "Future President"...these photos are a good start...on the phone already! These are precious pics of a phone conversation with Grandma & Grandpa Luther...I listen and love those voices also!

Charity said...

What a sweetie! Congrats to you both on the safe arrival of your chunky little guy! Our little Alex was born last year on the 7/26. You won't believe how fast his first year goes by. OK, so some of the nights are slow ;o) Hope to see him soon.